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Better than Champagne?

As Lily who has now returned to Toulouse, was preparing and exceptional dinner,  sit back and imagine … ,  I decided this should be accompanied by a wine I’d been reserving since my last visit to Gaillac.


Château de Lacroux
Methode Ancestrale, demi sec.
A fine sparkling wine produced at the Château illustarted in my painting shown here [available, £4,000 see page https://artfrickers.com/s-w-france/gaillac/chateau-de-lacroix/]
To our surprise and delight this has to be one of the best wines I’ve tried, surpassing any Champagne in my experience.

Not so surprising as for 10 generations, the Derrieux family has been working the vineyard with passion and know how.
I’ll definitely try and buy more when next in the area.
Château de Lacroux near the village of CESTAYROLS [81150], takes some finding, an excuse to explore the classic Giallac landscapes.[www.chateaudelacroux.com/english-version/]
To date, this fine collection has not as [yet] been shown outside of Gaillac and this web site.
Dream of  a region blessed with it’s own benevolent micro climate, noted for exceptionally beautiful landscapes, gourmet foods, a wide variety of produce and increasingly, Vin du Coq, the Gaillac Wines traditional brand mark.
These are wines with an amazing history which includes roots that go at least as deep as the Phoneticians who planted the first vines and being the inspiration for Dom Pérignon who is attributed with creating Champagne.