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Pendennis Castle

An Exhibition which included “A Dispute Settled”, kindly loaned by Mr. G> Trebilcock of Feock.

Pendennis Castle
A Dispute Settled, detail

Nick Dalton reminded me today via Linkein, my friend of many years, who runs his own ad agency, of an exhibition we had inside the spectacular Pendennis Castle, an English Heritage Site.

Pendennis Castle

Built in the reign of Henry VIII, the castle is a very atmospheric location.

Saint Mawes Castle
A Dispute Settled

People guessed the value of the painting to be 20 to 25 thousand. 
To think, in 1989 I produced it for £1000 ! I saw “A Dispute Settled” again recently.
I’d forgotten just how brill it was … 

A Dispute Settled, detail

You too could commission a painting of this quality, it’s easier than you may think, if the idea appeals, ask me.

It was for sure a good event Nick, in 2007 ?
Those were good days, Nick thank you for your decisive help with arranging that show.