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Fashion Shoes

Today, some questions include on on ‘fashion’ from the famous journalist and author who visited here recently, Nike Williams.
Nike Williams
Nike is about to post some articles about my very special painting “Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater”.
This fine painting has a direct connection with the very famous Mr. Samuel Plimsoll after whom ‘Plimsoll’ shoes are named.
My Plimsolls

The name of these sports shoes ‘Plimsols’ came about because the classic version of the shoe is made of canvas with a white rubber sole that wraps part way up the side of the shoe.
In effect they are water proof up to the ‘load line’ hence the name.
I’ve used Plimsolls as a child at school and later since my Bexhill Sailing club days as comfortable, practical, inexpensive and a sea man like type of shoe as a deck shoe when sailing.
Samuel Plimsoll
Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater
In my painting, “Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater” the ‘crack’ clipper ship is the ‘Samuel Plimsoll’. Mr. P launched this ship at Aberdeen. The painting is available from my web site and as a numbered, signed print on canvas from £157.00 in post.