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Beautifully framed

Power in then stop, the beginning  of a new painting of the Samuel Plimsol.

Samuel Plimsol, painting progress 12.08.19

It’s tempting to stop this picture right here, it has ‘interesting’ qualities as often happens when I work very fast and free.

A most unusual painting for several reasons.

The plan though is for this to become a gift, I hope a mini master pierce, for a true gentleman, the deputy mayor of Théhillac, who has helped me and become a friend.

M. Duval is an artisan of great skill

He recently acquired and renovated a small, beautiful gold frame.

Over a bottle of good wine we decided to make this new painting of ‘Samuel Plimsol’ to fit his frame

Diminutive, my ‘Samuel Plimsol’ measures 19.6 x 24.8 cm (7¾” x 9¾”).

A bit special because I rarely work on a canvas this small, this painting will be a gift for the deputy mayor of Théhillac, a friend with interests in common including French wines, a gentleman who has staunchly supported my activities which he considers, benefit the village

This painting was inspired by “Plymouth Emigration Depot”  on whose pages you can discover much more about the Plymouth Emigration Depot and the ‘crack’ Aberdeen built clipper which made regular annual voyages from Plymouth.

While this painting is spoken for,  the awesome Plymouth Emigration Depot” is for sale.

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