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Titanic Efforts

Steady Progress with ‘The Titanic Twins‘.
Titanic efforts, attention to exactly where everything was placed on the original master piece. . . soooo much careful measuring, 100’s of measurements and adjustments made and still not finished.
Titanic replica
The Twins together 23.07.19

Could the state of my salon explain why I’m still single ? !!

I’ve new stretchers and canvas to assemble, new paintings to mark out, a 2 hour pile of ironing politely awaiting attention, some urgent ‘office tasks’, and numerous ‘boat bits’ inboard while I implement some minor improvements with my boat.
I’d have the boat in the house [it’s a cooler 28 c inside as i write this morning] if I could …
More seriously, ‘The Twins’, replicas of a master piece lost when Titanic sank, are nearing completion
As usual I’m trying and to some extent succeeding in doing to much, not stopping to tidy up.

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