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A Bit Sticky

An early start.
Before …
The first varnish I’ve made since 2011… and yuk, at 08.00 …
Wayfarer, varnishing
A ‘stern’ challenge …
To think, in my Mr. South East Boat Builders Ltd days, this was a routine occurrence as many of my ship mates, Chris Fagg, Richard Burstow and others can vouch.
I don’t do mornings very well except for sailing or painting a dawn or long drives.

Today I was on ‘the quarter deck’ at the helm, early, bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Yesterday I completed preparing the stern deck of my Wayfarer, which I built in 1979, for a re varnishing.
Knowing today will be way over 30 c [86 F] soon, the only way to have the varnish on successfully was during the cool of the morning; drat, that means up early.
Wayfarer news
Spot any difference ?
By the way, the varnish I use, a strong smelling two pot polyurethane, is the best you can get and mine was courtesy of James Thomson, thank you Jim.

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