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HMS Somerset on anti piracy duty
Dawn Patrol

A type 23, similar to HMS Montrose currently deployed in the Persian Gulf region.

This water colour of “HMS Somerset, anti piracy patrol dawn on the Red Sea” measuring 35 x 18 cm (14” x 7”) was commissioned by her officers as a parting gift for her commander.
HMS Somerset presentation
Somerset presentation
See https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/war-ships/hms-somerset-frigate/
Tanker crisis :

Warships IFR
Warships International Fleet Review April 2013


Several people have asked me about the gulf/tanker problem.
As I understand the situation, as one interested in marine affairs [I’m a sailor and marine artist] the Iranian tanker was on course for Syria ?, in International waters.
She was near Gibraltar when boarded by Royal Marines. I’m told E U did not make a request.
That came from the USA and U N.
The E U raised no objections. Spain though is as usual, being ‘difficult’.
The E U is busy sitting on a fence between Iran and the USA?. The latter now officially admit to have exceeded their agreement re making materials for possible use in nuclear weapons.
Iran by the way now has intercontinental missiles capable of reaching the E U and by ship launching, anywhere else the choose to attack ☹️.
The USA is not unreasonably concerned about Iranian nukes. The USA and a few others object to Iranian sponsored terrorism/imperialism, Iranian nuclear weapons and Iranian abuse of ‘Human Rights’.
The problem for the E U with sitting on a fence is one is liable to get shot by either side; as our comrade Corbyn is discovering re Brexit and antisemitism.
The British flagged tanker, “British Heritage”, a BP company ship was in International waters escorted by an elderly British type 23 frigate HMS Montrose, covering video courtesy of the US Navy.
Three armed Iranian small craft approached, belligerently claiming the British ship was in Iranian waters.
The Iranians demanded the tanker change course to enter an Iranian port.
HMS Montrose deployed her helicopter and trained her guns on them.
Telling them to back off which they did.
Meanwhile lets not forget, recently several tankers in the Arab /Persian Gulf region were mysteriously seriously damaged by bombs with Iran the most likely culprit and an unarmed U S drone shot down by Iranians.
Back at the bunker in Tehran, the regime chiefs are threatening reprisals against British interests so no change there then.
Correct or update the above if you can, thank you.?

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