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Nelson’s Arctic Voyage

Three years in the making,  now fully available, in Great Britain from Waterstones and world wide via Amazon.
Nelson’s Arctic Voyage by my ‘good-win’ friend Peter Goodwin,
ISBN 978-1-4729-5417-6, published by Alard Coles.
Horatio Nelson, life of
Nelson’s Arctic Voyage, book cover.

Mr. Goodwin has developed his own way of conveying the very human side of the story.

This including how the first class leadership qualities of the two R N commanding officers influenced, inspired and helped shape the emerging character of a young midshipman who came to be rather well known, Horatio Nelson.
Perhaps more surprisingly, also through a fellow midshipman, on the character of embryonic United States Navy.
I’m honoured to write, the author, the redoubtable Mr. Peter Goodwin has been and is my good friend and colleague since my days as ‘Official Artist’ to HMS Victory where he was ‘Keeper and Curator’.
HMS Victory, quarter deck
Consultation of the quarter deck of HMS Victory
I’ve just finished reading my copy.
Mine is generously inscribed by Peter Goodwin.
A generously inscription by Peter Goodwin.
The story begins with a brilliantly written ‘Foreward by Vice Admiral Sir Alan Massey R N [rtd], KCB, CBE.
I found the story of this voyage of discovery becomes more and more amazing.
Page 400, Credit, acknowledgements
With much of the story taken directly from first hand accounts and ships log books one hears echos of the participants speaking directly to you.
For people who are not navigators I recommend, keep a map, chart or globe handy.
Peter Goodwin’s knowledge of ships is nothing short of awesome added to which he consulted with some renowned sea men including [rtd] Captain Frank Scott, a former master under square rig and grandson of ‘Scott of the Antarctic’.
Rear cover, Nelson’s Arctic Voyage by Goodwin,
ISBN 978-1-4729-5417-6,
Reading this Arctic cool new book made a pleasant contrast with the heat wave we have here at Théhillac in Bretagne.
Highly recommended.

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