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Dilemma ?

A heat wave, light breezes so we have perfect weather for sailing !

Cowes Week

This painting [https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/yachts-and-superyachts/] shows “Cowes Week”, a yacht taking the winning gun from the Royal Yacht Squadron club line.

Incidentally the helmsman that day was Prince Phillip sailing a Sigma 38 built at Plymouth.

Painted from life, this exceptional ‘royal’ painting is available.

Cowes Week [detail]
Ask for details at with web site reconstruction, it’s page is ‘down’ at present.

Good light and quick drying times for painting too …

I’m very keen to add to the near complete, the finishing touches to my reproduction of Norman Wilkinson’s masterpiece, “Titanic, Plymouth Harbour“.

Titanic, Plymouth Harbour, progress to 19.06.


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