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Lost at sea

When she sank she took  “Plymouth Harbour”, by the renowned painter Norman Wilkinson with her.
Titanic, Plymouth Harbour, progress to 19.06.
Only a poor quality photocopy survives of the masterpiece.
Thus my challenge is to reproduce as accurately, as faithfully as possible, this lost masterpiece.

Assets :
Fortunately I’m very familiar with the work of the famous Norman Wilkinson.
I’ve sailed the Plymouth Harbour waters for over 25 years and am aided with the research by the gentleman who is probably the leading expert on Titanic today, author of 3 Titanic books, Mr. Tim Maltin.
To discover more of why how , visit https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/ports/titanic-plymouth/titanic-plymouth-further/
‘Titanic Twins’ are so very special, read the text below.
By the way, one of these Titanic, Plymouth Harbour paintings will be for sale.
If of interest contact me ASAP before the twins become well known on the social media.
‘Titanic’, arguable the most widely known ship name today.