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Alarm ! Panic ?

To bring you a better experience, both my web sites are being refined.

To bring you easier navigation, clearer texts, simplified buying, my ‘marine art’ web site www.frickers.co.uk/art may briefly be off line at times over the next few months.

www.frickers.co.uk/art is undergoing its first major upgrade since 2003.

Receiving similar attention, the newer site www.artfrickers.com [mostly landscapes] will also go off line for brief periods.

This is to help you see the trees in the wood.

Our aim is nothing less than the most distinctive, informative, user friendly, marine and landscape art web sites on the Internet.

If the sites give you any problems keep calm, do have confidence in us.

Don’t hesitate to fire a gun, hoist a signal.

Be assured I’ll do my best for you, to make good any slack rigging, to keep our ship safe and on course.

Many of the improvements will need refining so your feed back will be invaluable.

The first site was founded in 1998, has grown exponentially so needs a thorough careening and refit.

With the Internet and SEO changing as fast as weather off Cape Horn, I’ve been wanting to upgrade and modernise my 2 sites for some years.


More exiting, I have quite a few previously unpublished paintings to add to www.artfrickers.com

That is, once we are satisfied the site is performing well.


The problem was finding a top notch web master with whom we can speak a common language.

Meaning Patrick Barnes has an exceptional grasp of programming, of graphics and texts.

Patrick is among other things, co editor of the authoritative SEO Yeost Magazine.

Patrick has been quick to grasp and translate into SEO and sales terms the key requirements that make my paintings, my story, thus ergo, both my web sites so distinctive.

We, Patrick and Fiona Barnes of Moghill Web Services and I have already completed much of the delicate ‘back end’ programming and discussed at length, ‘presentation’.

Our work with graphics and texts continues.

Our intention is to signal ‘Attention!’ for my web sites thus my work, increase sales, unashamedly drive prices up and thus for our clients, significantly increase the value of their investments in my painting.

We also have to tackle my gradually realisation that my sites are very exceptional.

Thus our aim is nothing less than the most distinctive, informative, user friendly, marine and landscape art web sites on the Internet.

I am keenly aware it is because of good people like you that I am able to follow my calling,

My intention has always been, from when I started painting as a child, to now and into what remains of my future, to entertain, to inform, to enrich, to produce the very best paintings that I can produce.

I thank you in anticipation, in appreciation of your patience, comprehension and support.