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Fire ?

A real fire at this time of the year? YES !!!
Not well, I don’t have time for this.
I’ve a book to write and several paintings to make sail with.
I’m doing my best to get well, not feeling vg though.
I’m surprised to be poorly, usually I’m quite robust although I do have a dread of operations as the anaesthetic of an op lead to my beloved Father’s death.
I feel cold and ache all over… Paracetamol helps.
Tonight although it is allegedly 20 C here I’ve had a hot shower and lit a fire.
There is some mysterious magic healing quality about standing close to a real fire …
Per chance or a bit of both, I think likely my guardian angel directed my friend Gilbert Duval, deputy mayor, stopped by with the contact details of the nearest doctors who speak English so that will soon resolve another concern.
Very kind of Gilbert and my Guardian A to remember my plight.
Both are busy with lots to do.
I’ve not had a proper survey by a doctor for years so am over due time in a ship yard …
To hell with new medicines, I’ll try a double nip of Armagnac before I go to bed and I hope, sleep well.
Wishing you all, good health and soundless sleeping.

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