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Back at work

I’m now back to what passes for ‘normal’ here which includes I’ve resumed painting [The Titanic Twins], designing two new marine paintings and writing the book on my work requested by Bloomsbury of London.
I’ve several enquiries to follow up.
The most unusual of which is for a ‘Halifax’ as in Handley Page heavy bomber.

Handley Page Halifax
A Halifax is missing

I painted a Halifax years ago for Sgt John Loban, 50 x 66 cm (20″ x 30″).
See https://www.frickers.co.uk/…/the-loss-of-a-new-handley-pag…/ 
John wanted it for his family.
Shot down over France on their first mission after 2 years training in Canada, John was the only survivor.

Which reminds me that June 7th is the 75 th anniversary of D Day. 
I’d love to visit that region and see the famous sights for myself.
My Father visited without a passport.
He came ashore under fire on June the 8th 1944… 

God please bless him and all who struggle to overthrow the fascist and autocrats.

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