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50 Years on

Britain’s most distinguished sailor, 50 years on, a splendid role model for the youth of today.
Suhaili & Robin Knox-Johnston
Captain Sir Robin Knox-Johnston recrossing the finish line.
Robin Knox-Johnston
Same day same hour, same minute, 50 years after he won the first single handed non stop circumnavigation “Golden Globe” race.

Falmouth Harbour

Falmouth Harbour

Gig, Cornish

‘Flushing’ GirlieGig Salute

The second to last photo here is the ‘iconic’ painting named by Robin, “Roaring Forties“, [a copies few left from my web site, signed prints on canvas].

Roaring Forties, the co-signed print

You can read about this painting in the May 2019 Yachting Monthly, out now as I write for you.

Yachting Monthly, May 2019
The final photo in this series; see if you can spot ‘Suhaili’ snugly moored in Falmouth Harbour, 22 April 2019.
Falmouth Harbour
Falmouth Harbour

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