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A mention of my “Roaring Forties” on the cover page, I feel honoured.
YM cover May 19
A double page spread inside.

In this morning’s post, a complimentary copy of one of the world’s most popular yachting magazines, Yachting World [May edition].
Thank you Katy Strickland and Theo Stocker for this gift.
I find I’m in company with articles by some .very distinguished sailors including Tracy Edwards, Pete Goss,Dick Durham, James Stevens, Dag Pike and of course, Theo Stocker editor.
Roaring Forties, article
-proof_ROARINGFORTIES by kind permission of the editor of Yachting Monthly
It’s easy to forget why this quality magazine prospers despite the Internet.
Well presented, it’s packed with good articles and useful information.
I wonder if this will sell the last few prints of “Roaring Forties”?
Never mind, I can sense my parents and my friends pride.