An interpretation

The Titanic Twins, an interpretation of the most prominent painting on board Titanic when she sank, by the famous artist Norman Wilkinson are progressing well, still a long way to go.

T,PH 2 Progress 06.04.19

The plan is to make them as close as possible to the original.
“To the last wave top and sea gull” my client has requested. 
One for my client, one for a lucky collector.

No fair copy exists to it’s on with the Sherlock Holmes hat.
Fortunately I sailed from and lived around Plymouth for 25 years. I am very familiar with the work of Norman Wilkinson, he entered my life as far back as my Art history ‘A’ level and even further back because my Father took me to The Imperial War Museum and National Maritime museum, London.

“Plymouth Harbour” more correctly called Plymouth Sound, is progressing I hope you agree, well.

Titanic Twins progress 18.03.19

This despite my having numerous painting time wasting set backs in the past few weeks, including an unreliable car forcing me to postpone a sortie to England, now re booked in a shortened version, ill health and a heap of problems caused by Brexit.
Overall I feel I’ve aged 10 years in the past 5 months!
Never mind, I’m on course and setting more sails.

You can see the story of these remarkable paintings via the ‘Further Reading’ link one of which will be for sale, on my web site…/marine…/ports/titanic-plymouth/
Next hassle, I must prepare for a sortie to England which will include Portsmouth, Plymouth, Falmouth, if my car is up to it, departing on the 18 th …

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