Charming unsolicited

By Gordon Frickers on April 8th, 2019

A charming unsolicited message arrived today, it made my day.

Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean

“It’s the most expensive picture [print No 9] I’ve ever bought. Everyone who visits admires it.
I’m so grateful you painted it, thank you so much” ~ Ben Richards, bought his print “Spirit of Mystery”, in November 2013.

A real Cornishman, Ben was born and raised at Newlyn, Cornwall now at West Looe.
I still have a few copies left, [from £157 inc P&P] co signed by our famous Pete Goss.

Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean, detail

The Spirit of Mystery voyage replicated one made very much in the Golden Globe spirit by 7 Cornishmen migrating [1854] to Australia in what was for well over 100 years the smallest vessel to make the voyage, the lugger ‘Mystery’.
Descendants of the 7 met Pete and his crew upon his arrival.
The original was painted for Pete Goss MBE, Legion d’Honneur ; who wrote to me, “I got exactly the painting I’d hoped for”.

Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean, detail 2

I’ve added Ben’s comment to my web site page.
Thank YOU Ben.
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