Five dismastings

Last night, a pleasurable exchange of emails with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston which started with my wishing him a “very happy birthday”.
Among other things he asked me if he can use the painting we created together for him and which he named, “Roaring Forties” to support a report he is writing.
By the way this iconic painting is available as an impressive co signed print on canvas, from £157 inc P&P.

Roaring Forties, the co-signed print
Robin K-J & Gordon Frickers

Robin wrote to me starting with, “Lovely to hear from you.  I want to use “Roaring Forties” for a report I am doing about the 5 dismastings in the Golden Globe 18. Are you happy for me to do so? I suspect it will get one hell of a lot of publicity and I am not selling it. It will be broadcast. Let me know.”

My reply:
Of course you may use the image for the purpose you described below. 
For you, free of charge, no question about that. 
Usually I try and get something in return, a modest fee, or at least my name and web site mentioned.
I remember you telling me “I think it’s indecent not to make a modest profit “ so I try to take your advice !!! 
For you, I’m simply pleased to help.
I’ll leave any ‘negotiations’ entirely with you. 
If needed I can send a high rez copy.

I added :
“Actually I have been wondering what you will write and say about the 5 dismastings so look forward to seeing a copy.
If I can have a copy that would be a bonus.
On the subject of which you may know, YM are to publish a piece [copy attached, for the moment, your eyes only please] about “Roaring Forties” later this month.
I was asked by Theo how did I paint it so wrote a piece for him.
One of his people slightly edited it.
It’s more or less as I wrote so it’s the cat for my back not theirs if you don’t approve”.


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