Blood groups

By Gordon Frickers on March 9th, 2019

I was completely unaware of this. 
Which blood group are you? 

Ideas on human evolution on it’s head…?
It does not occur in Africa so where does R H Negative come from, aliens?
About the rare RH Negative blood group, why it exists is unexplained :

I have the even rarer Blood group: B RH Negative [not Neanderthal], of type B: who are said by some to be “extroverts , great friends and listeners, highly tuned to body language, they put themselves first when necessary. RH negative: they have higher IQ , intense emphatic qualities.”

Hmm, that makes as much sense to me as a horror-scope …
Who, what, are R H Negative people, profound questions…?
What is your opinion?

It is suggested, understanding the origin of RH Negative may turn our ideas on human evolution on it’s head…
Maybe some of us do have Alien ancestors ???

RH Negative blood group, where did it come from when 15% of the world population has it.

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