By Gordon Frickers on January 29th, 2019

This is not democracy as we British understand the word.
Today it looks as if during our unconventional referendum the Brexiteers told numerous lies, many quite deliberate, even to the extent that some police prosecutions are in progress. 

E U Parliament, [author’s photo, May 2011]

Pro Brexit leaders denied the now blatantly evident monumental damage being done to the British economy and yet can’t today show one single solid tangible benefit from Brexit, all is opinion and conjecture, ‘smoke and mirrors’, dazzle camouflage …. 

After two years of comically mismanaged negotiations a large number of older folk who voted for Brexit have passed on, died. A large number of young people now of voting age, who will be living in the future with or without Brexit are denied a vote.

It’s as if the government would copy the Palestinian president Abbas, elected for 4 years now in his 15 th year as president.

We are denied a second vote on what is by any standards, the biggest, most controversial social change in British history.

This is not democracy as we British understand the word.
A great many Brits want to see article 50 withdrawn, a new debate and a new referendum.

That does not suit the Brexit extremists because they fear if the population, now in better possession of the facts, will vote ‘stay’.

The way to deal with the E U is stay in, fight from inside for change, for a more representative E U parliament, make alliances and disobey the more insane E U laws for examples on migration and an E U military.

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