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A wordy start

This year in my studio has started with a bit of good luck.

The 1805 Club of North America branch asked me to write an article on how “I Have Urgent Dispatches” came to be created.

I Have Urgent Dispatches, print with texts

This is the first time since we started all those years ago inspired by the late and much missed Nick Varley, that one of the most influential ‘Nelson’ society’s has asked to show this example from my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar Collection’.


Initially they asked for 500 words for their newsletter.
They liked the 500 so much I was asked to expand it to a full piece [eventually 1650 words].


Urgent Dispatches detail
Their intention now is to use it as a special newsletter and place it on the #1805 Club web site.
What started as a small article ending up taking me 20 + hours.
Worth it if only because we now have a useful ‘template’ with this article.
Besides which, “I Have Urgent Dispatches” is gradually becoming a famous painting, well know, more widely appreciated.

I guess you appreciate, our audience, The 1805 Club and their friends, is small but elite?

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