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Sortie to England

A sortie to England, I’m at sunny Southsea today putting final touches to my schedule for the next 10 days and further prep for the various meetings. 

Southsea Pier

Southsea Pier, includes ‘The Palace’, the best fish n chips restaurant I’ve eaten in, ever.

Great food, drink, service, decor with extensive views of The Solent Waters including the famous Spithead anchorage.

A wee test here, thinking of the book I’m asked to submit a synopsis for, about my work and life, lets see how sharp this image is … I’ve just converted this image from a png to a j.peg …  

Pickle detail Lt Lapentiore

Above, a detail from “I Have Urgent Dispatches“.

While it looks good, I don’y think this really does justice to the superb print … drat… makes mental note, re photograph when back in my studio … 
See for better illustrations 
 — at Southsea Common.

I am fortunate to have a meeting lined up for next week with one of the editors from Bloomsbury, a major publishing house, of London. 
Actually the first drafts of the book already look so promising I think they will be published. 
I hope with Bloomsbury, if not with A. N. Other.

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