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On the subject of Plymouth, here is the latest progress with Titanic’, “Plymouth Harbour”. 

A very unusual painting, in that I am reproducing the painting by the famous Norman Wilkinson, lost when Titanic sank.
The new painting is very fortunate to be aided by the leading expert on Titanic, Tim Maltin, will be as near the original as possible except alongside Norman Wilkinson’s signature, will be my signature.

I have reached the stage where some of the detail is beginning to emerge.

Without Mr. Maltin, I would not have chosen to paint this extraordinary subject.

Being Plymouth a place I still regard as my ‘home port’,  is of course a further incentive for me. 

I’m planning to visit England later this month, Portsmouth, Bexhill, Hastings, St Austell and of course, the wonderful city of Plymouth.

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