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Good news

Always welcome, good news. 
Another large copy of “I Have Urgent Dispatches” has sold.

“I Have Urgent Dispatches”, print on canvas, with texts

The picture is part of the immortal story of Nelson and Trafalgar, in particular the race to get the official dispatch to London.

This time the print, No 36, goes for a pub at #Hontion, Devon, The Star Inn, along the #Trafalgar Way.
This is the route of coaching inns taken by Lt. LAPENOTIERE the Commander of HMS #Pickle, post chaise, post haste.

The venerable building is being redecorated. 

The choice of a large copy of “I Have Urgent Dispatches” is very appropriate as would be, to set the scene, the awesome “Trafalgar Dawn”.
These beautiful prints on canvas won’t be available for ever.
If you’d like one of these rare “Nelson and Trafalgar” series prints, follow Nelson’s dictum when in action, “don’t think, act”.
Go to the contact us page on my web site https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/contact/ 

I’ll look after you.


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