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Sailing into legend.

At about this time of the morning, [08.48 as I write] 04 Nov 1805 in light airs, HMS Pickle was passing The Lizard Point, the rocky most southerly tip of England.

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A little earlier an event took place which some scholars and academics dispute yet is very firmly established as a Cornish legend. 

Sailing into legend, detail 1

Said with pride in West Cornwall to this day, as HMS Pickle coasted across Mounts Bay, driven with all sail set into the sunrise, her men spoke to fishermen who would have known the schooner, may have even been friends or relatives.

HMS Pickle
Sailing into legend, detail 2

The epic news to local fishermen who immediately sailed for the shore making West Cornwall the first place the momentous news, England was saved from European invasion but the national idol, Admiral Nelson, was dead, killed.

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Sailing into legend



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