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It’s surfaced yet again, the claim HMS Pickle was built at Bermuda.
Not that it really matters however, there are quite a few mysteries surrounding the second HMS Pickle.
Nelson described her as “ubiquitous Pickle”.
Was Sting / Pickle built at Bermuda?
HMS Pickle – I have urgent dispatches
If you have documented proof that Sting was built in Bermuda I’d be very interested to see the proof. 

I’d like to know what we missed and where it is to be found. I and others have enquired / researched extensively [I still have my notes] including in records at Bermuda, along the West Coast of the USA, in England at the Public Records Office Kew, London and at Plymouth where this second vessel to carry the name ‘Pickle’ was based for most of her Royal Navy career; without a result.
We have records of her refits by the Royal Navy and a lot of other info, crew lists [her second in command in was an American] and so on.
We found that for a while after she was first purchased, there was much confusion about the vessel.
There may even have been two ‘HMS Pickle’s.
Some documents suggest one operating out of Plymouth, the other out of Portsmouth, simultaneously.
Documents exist at Kew PRO that show a correspondence to clear up that confusion.
When I researched and first painted ‘Pickle’ I also looked carefully at Dutch, Spanish, French and American schooners. During the past decade, more and more folk have been writing, ‘she was built at Bermuda’.
Why I know not except a third ‘Pickle’ was built at Bermuda in 1820 and employed partly as an anti slave trade ship.
Prior to resent years the consensus among those authorities I consulted was we don’t know where she was built.
The West of England being as likely as anywhere.
When at Cadiz I suggested the Uni might like to organise a dive to recover some timber from which we could learn more.
That did not happen.
I do so dislike false claims. Many are made which makes learning from history and current affairs that much more difficult. If you have proof, go to the top of the class !

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