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Two for the price of one

Ready to go, varnished last week, now available for exhibition or a new home, one of my “Nelson and Trafalgar” paintings, a series, some now sold, as yet not publicly exhibited. 

Hyperlink > Nelson and the ‘Minerve‘ > available
The 21 st of October is ‘Trafalgar Day’.

‘Immortal’ Nelson’s ‘HMS Minerve’ voyage was a major ‘sea mark’ in his rise to fame. 

Nelson and the Minerve, detail
This continues my original brief while ‘Official Artist’ to HMS Victory, to research and illustrate “the lesser known but interesting aspects of Nelson and HMS Victory”. 

Two for the price of one, this also shows another Nelson ship, ‘HMS Captain‘. 

Nelson, HMS Captain, detail
I found many books on Nelson fail to cover this significant story.
The Life of Nelson” by Captain A. T. Mahan [USN] is still one of the best accounts of Nelson’s life.
I’m now planning a second related painting, ‘Minerve‘ and her consort hotly engaged with two Spanish frigates so watch these posts.
“Nelson at Gibraltar” by Gordon Frickers measures 46 x 91 cm (18″ x 36″), available, discover much more at https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/war-ships/the-trafalgar-collection/nelson-at-gibraltar/ 
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