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On being British in Europe now

I have just read “On being British in Europe now“, https://alisonmortonauthor.com/…/on-being-british-in-europ…/

Very helpful, thank you Alison Morton and Linda Baker who copied it to my Facebook page. 
It confirms what Connexion has been printing, I was saying and adds a useful perspective.
I congratulate Mrs. Morton on her skills and success.
My own circumstances are more difficult as I am sure are those of many other Brits in Europe.  

Briefly I am a practising artist (painter of some reputation) past retirement age, on a low income (although with some savings) who has twice previously applied (before retirement) for a carte du sejour. 

On both occasions I was passed from Albi to various departments in Paris who eventually passed me to Toulouse who passed me to Albi who said “Paris”.
I am about to apply again.

This time I’ll present myself as a person retired who has a paper trail ( is it complete enough…?) showing he has been in France since 2007.

A post script, I applied last November for a French driving licence (my car has Fr plates), twice chased the application and heard nothing. 
I applied 2 months ago (registered post this time) for a carte vitale; so far nothing… 
Would you like to rate my chances ?? !!!

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