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Where land meets sea

Life begins where the land meets the sea.

DHL Starlight, commander, Suzi Goodall (GB)

Today at the of the start of the most trying of all round the world races. 

Putting to sea from Les Sables d’Olonne, Vendee coast

Of today’s fleet, 30 boats never even made the start like. 6 are already entered for the next race in 4 years time.

Belle Poule
Belle Poule, committee boat

This is such a big subject and it will run for about 9 months as the yachts race each other round the world with all that entails. 

A small section of the spectator fleet

I hope you will agree a better way to over view and share the excitement of this very special event will be a series of brief ish posts about specific aspects of the start and the race.

One of the places I’d have chosen for photography, or a bit a higher.

This part of the French West coast, from Rochfort where the magnificent replica 18 century frigate ‘Hermione‘ was recently built, (you may recall i painted her last year?) through La Rochelle to Sables d’Olonne has to be one of the most picturesque, sunniest and best sailing waters of the entire French west coast; if you doubt me, take a look at a good map!

30,000 sea miles without electronics, sailing as men did in 1968, by seamanship. 

Istvan Koper, USA, cool, calm, collected

The Golden Globe Race 50 th anniversary, 1968/2018.
Yes it’s 50 years since S
ir Robin Knox-Johnston was the only sailor of 9 starters to complete the first every single handed circumnavigation as celebrated by my ‘iconic’ painting “Roaring Forties“.

Roaring Forties

By the way I still have a few of the fine art prints on canvas left, signed by Robin and me, a numbered edition. 

The real thing, unlike posters and cheap prints these have inks guaranteed light fast under normal conditions for 75 years.