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What made Nelson special?

Nelson, why is Nelson said to be ‘immortal’, Nelson’s  Minerve voyage gives us clues.

Gibraltar 1796
Nelson at Gibraltar

This marine painting shows Nelson at Gibraltar, 10th December 1796 shows Nelson in the stern sheets of the cutter with tossed oars, when he transferred from the 75 gun HMS Captain  to the frigate  Minerve .

Thus You have 2 Nelson ships for the price of one.

There is an incident during the voyage with Minerve which most historians of Nelson have missed, failed to see the significance.

The voyage was spotted and ‘borrowed’ by the most famous of naval author’s C S Forester for his character Horatio Hornblower, for his classic book “Hornblower and the Atropos“.

By the way Xebecs and Tartans appear in the pages of Forester’s books.

For your enjoyment, a detail from the cover picture “Nelson at Gibraltar“.

This detail shows typical activity and shipping at Gibraltar 10th December 1796 including a rare glimpse of a Xebec and a Tartan, both types typically used as in the Mediterranean as trading and PIRATE ships.

Nelson and Gibraltar
Nelson at Gibraltar (detail)


My grateful thanks go to the good people at Her Majesties Hydrographic Office, Taunton, Somerset.

I was permitted access to this secure complex where there are records not available to the public, that go back hundreds of years and where the world famous Admiralty Charts and made and regularly up dated, also available as online versions.

I was treated as an honoured guest, generously assisted in research.

For Gibraltar we found period water colours showing the port and charts showing where ships moored.

The Original painting, available, in store at my studio measures 46 x 91 cm (18″ x 36″).

You can learn much more by visiting my web site https://www.frickers.co.uk/art/marine-art/war-ships/the-trafalgar-collection/nelson-at-gibraltar/

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