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Princess Royal, success, Trafalgar

The Princess Royal, Princess Anne; success, Trafalgar, Pickle, here’s a yarn for you…

“I Have Urgent Dispatches” with texts

I don’t sell many prints these days, in fact I may well discontinue them soon. 
I’m pleased to report another large copy of “I Have Urgent Dispatches” was dispatched today, this time bound for a new home near Portsmouth, England.
Marketing is not my strong point and search engine optimisation of my web sites is woefully inadequate.
My calling, my fate, is to be an artist not a salesman or marketing guru.

All of which reminded me to re write some text on my website page “Nelson and Trafalgar” project background.
Success is always better shared, it’s amusing too so I’ll share some of it with you here, snuggle down and enjoy this:

The marine paintings that have come to be known as “The Trafalgar Collection” as yet never publicly exhibited although several are popular as prints and have been reproduced in various books too, started life when I was invited to become ‘Official Artist’ for HMS Victory‘s 2005 Trafalgar bi centennial anniversary renovation.

My brief was to paint some of the lesser known but interesting subjects. 

HMS Victory
Dockyard 400

One I chose was HMS Pickle, thinking people today would relate to that small vessel.

Painting at Dockyard 400

Little did I know in 2005 a Russian built schooner would be used as an ‘HMS Pickle‘ to reproduce the original voyage.

The project was aimed at two targets.
1. Raising awareness of HMS Victory, what she the ship represents as the only surviving First Rate Ship of the Line of Battle in the world.
2. Raise funds to help facilitate HMS Victory’s renovation, inside and out, a project headed, supervised and researched by the now legendary Mr. Peter Goodwin, HMS Victory’s ‘Keeper and Curator’.

In that we were successful.

On Victory with Peter Goodwin

I was particularly gratified to have Seahawk Mess at RNAS Culdrose chose a large copy of my painting, “I Have Urgent Dispatches”, printed on cotton canvas, numbered, signed and framed to be presented at their Trafalgar Dinner 2006.

The gift went to Her Royal Highness Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, for her considerable involvement and support of the commemoration voyage following the track of the original Trafalgar Messenger HMS Pickle, of a reproduction HMS Pickle, Cape Trafalgar to Falmouth, Cornwall (now based at Hull and operated by Mr. Malcolm Nicholson) with duplicate ‘Trafalgar Dispatches’.
I made sure the print was No 1.

I heard later the dinner was a great success completed with singing Admirals and the Princess was “thrilled, over the Moon” with her gift.

You can discover more about “Trafalgar Project Background”, many of the paintings still await their first collective exhibition, on page http://www.frickers.co.uk/…/ma…/war-ships/trafalgar-project/ 

Cape Trafalgar, Michele Huve, Nichole Poullaouec

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