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This should warm you up

Climate Change? > is the best reason I know for North Europeans to move South.

I’m prompted to write by an article in the Sydney Morning Post, a journal who’s archives I’ve refereed to when researching “Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater” (this splendid original painting is available, measures 76 x 121 cms (30″ x 48″) and is also available as a signed, numbered Marine Print on canvas for the look and feel of the real thing.

Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater


Last night the temperature at the North Pole was 0 while most of Europe shivered in minus 5 to minus 25…

From the mast head, a sailor’s view > There is open water north of #Greenland where the thickest sea ice of the #Arctic used to be. It is not refreezing quickly because air temperatures are above zero confirmed by @dmidk’s weather station.

People generally wrongly assume that massive #climatechange, if it exists will happen gradually.
To some extent gradual change is true; our planet climate has been changing gradually; it always has.
One only has to weather watch to know some events can me very server and give very little warning.
Obvious candidates are extreme storms.
Now this event: There is a real possibility of warming ocean waters diverting South or even cutting off the Gulf Stream.
If that was to happen the most likely result for N Europe would be massive, extensive freezing.
Don’t go thinking the effect would stop there, the entire planet eco system and with that the entire population would be effected.
Over the past 50 + years the rate of warming is unprecedented in the geological history of the past 5 million years, measuring further back is difficult.

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