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Harp, a Pickle secret?

I Have Urgent Dispatches” on a harp?

I had a very unusual copyright enquiry.

Harp Pickle detail

Plus we have a call for volunteers to work on “Iris Mary” and “Irene”, at Saltash, February 17 -22?

Ieuan was overwhelmed when he saw what was done at Christmas. We shed a few tears together….Even hardy sailors get emotional” Talfryn Laposte wrote to me.

Harp Pickle with “I have Urgent Dispatches”

Please, how much, to reproduce your famous “I Have Urgent Dispatches” on a harp I’m building as a surprise for my son, he loves the painting.

I Have Urgent Dispatches” By Gordon Frickers, is available as a signed limited edition print on canvas

It transpired, both Talfryn and his son Ieuan have learned to play a harp which was my Mother’s favourite musical instrument.

It also became clear they are both sailors, Ieuan holding a master’s certificate, and Talfryn is an excellent craftsman.

We speak the same ‘language’.

Given the circumstances, this being a one off for private use we quickly came to an understanding.

Something about bottles of wine; a currency that would have been familiar to the crew of the original HMS Pickle.

Some cooperation and it wasn’t long before Talfryn wrote to me “The transfer of the image to the harp was excellent, it’s impossible to see it’s a decal [years with Airfix models paid off…] . I was concerned to do justice to your picture”.

Success or other, what do you think dear reader?

~ ~ ~

Essex Smack project, “Iris Mary” and “Irene”, February 17 -22


By the way, more recently Talfryn wrote to me “I will be taking the harp with me to Plymouth in mid February, when I will spend a week helping him on the restoration work with his Fishing Smack”.

Ieuan posted on Facebook, We are after During the week we are working on Irene and on the weekend you are welcome to help on the Iris Mary. We have some accommodation and I promise some sailing later in the season.


I Have Urgent Dispatches By Gordon Frickers, is available as a signed limited edition print on canvas.


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