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Chris Fagg wrote

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Of my previous post a ‘nautical’ friend of many years, Chris Fagg wrote of the photograph caption, “…hey, if THAT view is N x NW – this world’s in bother ! HaHa”.
Chris Fagg has a good point so I’ll reveal some of my thinking and the reason for my chutzpah.
I replied to Chris Fagg:
Well spotted Chris Fagg, I have used my poetic artist’s licence here!
The elusive rainbows I referred to were seen when facing the opposite way which also meant my hard working camera had to face the wind and rain, a lens wash it did not need.
As this scene looked dramatic with a quite ‘Turner’ sky I chose to post this shot, taken at that period, as I was leaving Castelnau de Montmiral.
I liked the squiggly road, mysterious mist and ‘Turner’ sky so felt it symbolised the beginning of that 8 hrs drive.
By the way, one of my great hero’s, W M J Turner, who’s work and life I have studied many times and still enjoy, who is still a mentor to me, was not adverse to placing the sun in the North in his paintings if that created the effect he wanted to convey.
If I’d had time I’d have painted the view I hesitated to shoot I hesitated to shoot into the inclement weather with my camera.
It would probably have come out something like the pair of painting I’ve reproduced here for you, both painted on location during a summer storm, from the valley of the Vere.

The large hill is by the way, Castenau de Montmiral.   A pair of experiments, the weather was wet but warm , a typical Midi Pyrenees summer storm.

I just had to do something, the alternative being to stay indoors so donned my sea coat.

 “Warm Rain” and “After Warm Rain“, this extraordinary pair of experimental paintings remain in my collection however the time has come when I would be prepared to ‘let them go’.

Measuring 40 x 50 cm (15¾” x 19¾”), both available,  can be purchased by instalments, ask for details. 
Or see page http://artfrickers.com/s-w-france/castelnau-de-montmiral/after-hot-rain/ 
For those of you considering going this summer to The Painting School of Montmiral, large hill is by the way, Castenau de Montmiral.