Value of Executive Displacement Activity & Spanish Gold

What a treat ! (and The Value of Executive Displacement Activity and Spanish Gold)
 piracy and gold, I’ll explain…
I’ve just heard C S Forester’sHornblower and the Hotspur” on Utube as a book!
C S Forester was an author of outstanding brilliance. His story includes mention of neutral Spanish treasure ships ( so is based on bizarre real events. A frigate action in part caused by poor British ‘intelligence’ (spying) caused uproar in London, many disapproved. So did Madrid, it caused Spain to enter the Napoleonic Wars.
Many consider C S Forester the greatest spinner of sea yarns.

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The painting changed my mind, my paintings often ‘speak’ to me. I wasn’t going to show this painting again until it was completed.

Az ‘tiz, there have been so many changes and will be so many more since it was last shown, it begs to be given more airtime so ‘eertiz.

Racehorse progress 08.11.17

A new marine painting,  75 x 100 cms (29.5″ x 39″), Oils, available.

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I love Plymouth but

Tell this to unimaginative #Plymouth CC who recently lost a major race to Sable d’Olonne ~ “Clipper yacht race reveals £7.5M boost for Liverpool economy”.…/ #Mayflower400 story so far, bah bah bah.

Maiden Calling

A great moment to enjoy and profit from, Tracy Edwards, Helen Lucus and Nicola Rodregeuz, speaking soon, 30 th November, at the Lecture Hall, The Close, Salisbury Museum. Tickets £30 from or phone 07921 800533  The painting chosen for this poster is the dramatic, famous, “Ice Maiden”, a powerful inspiration in particular for women, … Read more

seamen and racing cars

Yesterday went well, better than expected.

I drove to Baud, a small town well inland as Breton towns go, about an hour and a half from here to attend an event, a sort of ‘market’, pre Christmas Fair, organised by Angloinfo so most of the people there were Brits. many British live in France.IMG_1894

Back in 2002 when I first found myself single, I thought I might turn my back on the sea, start afresh. The Sea made sure it was not to be.

It happened again today, as I walked in a rather good group started to sing “Fiddler’s Green”, a favourite of mine, maybe you know it?

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Pickle Night

I have Urgent Dispatches” in the news again, Pickle Night tomorrow night so it is doubly a pleasure to announce this new book, published in German, ‘Signals at Sea’, “Signale der Seefahrt” a high quality beautifully presented, lavishly illustrated published production by author Detlef Hechtel and Oceanum Verlag, ISBN 978-3-86927-423-2

Signale der Seefahrt
Signale der Seefahrt

Even if your German is as mine, rudimentary, I still recommend you have a look at this book if only because it has such an International feel and such care has been taken over the illustrations.

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For those on peril on the sea

Wot, no rigging on Racehorse?

As we, HMS Racehorse, author Peter Goodwin and I  get neared completing, changes become progressively more refined, smaller and more subtle, harder to notice, yet people have very powerful intuition so sense what is not right.

Racehorse progress, 30.10.17
Racehorse progress, 30.10.17

There remains much to be done, completion or at least the delicate 97 % stage does now look in sight. You can follow this rare new yarn via “HMS Racehorse“.

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