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Last working Schooner

Inspired by my friend T(h)omas, Tomas Blaese, thank you Tomas, 3 pages page updated, pictures I painted many years ago and stories about the lovely ‘Jane Banks‘, last working, engineless British topsail schooner, to trade foreign.

Jane Banks entering Bermuda
Jane Banks entering Bermuda

A typical European topsail schooner ‘Jane Banks‘ was built as the ‘Frau Minna Peterson“, German owned, the vessel was renamed “Jane Banks” after Edward Stephens’s mother.
In ‘Jane Banks‘ and ‘Waterwitch‘s‘ history one even finds a connection with Thomas The Tank Engine…

With the last voyages of ‘Jane Banks‘ and ‘Waterwitch‘ the final page was written in the long, adventurous and often illustrious history of British pure sail traders closed.

Jane Banks Entering Bermuda” and “Waterwitch off Gribben Head” are  available as a signed numbered limited edition print from £147 including postage
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