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Racehorse reversed

HMS Racehorse‘, a big change made to the composition. 

Racehorse 07.08.17
Racehorse 07.08.17
This was decided for several reasons including, to show her starboard side meant the saild would mask most of her decks thus hiding what would be interesting accurate details and by showing her port side we are looking fromn the East by North East to the South West so the lighting and colours offer me more possibilities.
Today I’ll refine ‘Racehorse‘ and begin to sort out her masts, spars and sails, all info from the log book and the combined sea & ship building experience of Peter Goodwin and I.

Heavy rain here over night, clearing now so ideal for under painting, less ideal light for working up ‘M V Chupra’; soon though
Peter is pushing me hard, we had another hour plus conversation yesterday, mostly about the steering and anchoring equipment used by Racehorse.
In both instances I was surprised and duly educated.
In the process not really relevant but fun and one never knows where it will lead, Peter described how he fired canons and from aloft and a musket (he owns one).
Peter has decided it’s fun working on the painting with me and has suggested a booklet on the story of the Racehorse painting.
I feel privileged to work with a great authority, Peter.
He in turn is very pleased with the way our experiences overlap so are generating a rather special painting.

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