Vagrant off Cowes

In an effort to achieve the impossible, keep Chris Fagg, via Facebook, happy and quiet for a minute here is the ‘other’ schooner ‘Vagrant Off Cowes’ painting, another ‘golden oldie’, enjoy. 

Vagrant off Cowes
Vagrant off Cowes
This one never got into print.
Worse, it seems to have done an ‘Odd Socks’, disappeared from my web site; I couldn’t find it…
The original was shown at The Mall Galleries, Royal Society of Marine Artists exhibition and quickly purchased by the Vagrant’s owner, Peter de Savary on the recommendation of Vagrant’s captain.

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A Christmas Surprise

Hazelrigg, a Christmas surprise updated, Three Cliffs bay, Gower Peninsular, ‘Hazlerigg’.
Following and inquiry for a print, unfortunately not possible, I’ve updated this archive page and the linked ‘Further Reading,

My client Sue Rees wanted their family yacht, shown in a fresh breeze off a recognisable part of the Gower Peninsular, their home waters.
You can discover how ‘Hazelrigg’ was ‘done’ on the ‘Further Reading’ page, read on, enjoy.

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Schooner Vagrant

I’m delighted to learn via a post on Linkedin by Christian Poorte, of Royal Huisman, Hogeschool, The Netherlands, Vagrant  is about to be given a major overhaul.

Having visited and been given the rare privileged of a tour of the Royal Huisman yard back in 2011 I can assure you Vagrant could not be in better hands. See Vagrant off the Needles, only two copies left.

Vagrant off the Needles
Vagrant off the Needles
Vagrant off the Needles“, signed, numbered, only two copies left in stock, £147 including postage.
The publisher, de Montfort sold their last copies years ago.
Many years ago I had the good luck to sail on Vagrant and paint her twice,  for the owner Peter de Savery.

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“Tectona, dawn off Bolt Head”

A portrait of an 80 ton sail training ketch sailing near Salcombe, off one of Devonshire’s two best known headlands.

By Gordon Frickers 40 x 61 cms (16″ x 24″), oils on canvas board, available, £1,200

Tectona, Ketch, Sail Training Vessel
Tectona, Ketch, Sail Training Vessel

Page including the sub page ‘Further Reading’, thoroughly updated.
As an artist, sailor and boat builder I have a long experience of working with professional sea people.
I am delighted to have played a small but significant part in the story of and saving for posterity of Tectona the ketch, the sail training vessel.

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Upgraded, updated

GordonFrickers C. V. / résumée, new texts, revised texts, new photos, a very unusual C.V./ #résumée, #Marineartist, page revised, updated, enjoy, …

Opportunity Mayflower, ‘Official Artist’.

2020 will see the biggest anniversary celebrations in the USA in our lifetimes. I have the honour to be appointed ‘Official Artist’ and an ‘Ambassador’ to ‘The Harwich Mayflower Project’, a celebration of the famous the voyage 1620 / 2020, that founded the modern United States of America. HMP invite you to discover more via their ‘Ambassador’, … Read more

“Rajula” 1926-1973, your week end read?

A new Page consolidating and adding to various texts to make a history and account of a classic ship, closing with a very vivid account by the 3rd officer of Rajula, an eye witness, of  one of the all time worst storms off the coast of India.   “Rajula” was a most remarkable … Read more

Seven Provinces

A little announcement soon to be followed by a BIG announcement on another subject. I am pleased to report the glorious painting “Zeven Provinciën, & Youth Training“, a Dutch eighty gun Ship of the Line is to feature as part of an article in a coming edition of the esteemed naval magazine Warships International Fleet … Read more