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Roscoff to Plymouth

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

En Route, Roscoff to Plymouth yesterday evening, boarding the lovely Brittany Ferries “Amorique”.IMG_0174 (more…)

Preparatory sketches

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Sketches for a new painting, to be the ship ‘Chupra‘ in heavy weather.

Chupra sketches 29.05.17 IMG_0164

Chupra sketches 29.05.17 IMG_0164

Attached are some sketches, ideas for my client and I to discuss based on ideas we had discussed.  (more…)

A ‘letter to a colleague’

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Some significant points to share with you: Nelson and Trafalgar Collection news.

Trafalgar, First Shots

Trafalgar, First Shots

Thank you R. W., an interesting reply. I’ll check out the references you have thoughtfully provided. I’m aware of the chinese voyages, have read a little of the archaeology but never read a thorough summary.

Re reading my response, if you don’t object, I’ll add it as a ‘letter to a colleague’ on my web site, “Nelson and Trafalgar Collection” page.

I’m fully aware that history as presented is often short on facts, for example I thoroughly researched when I painted my “Nelson and Trafalgar Collection” back in the 1990’s.…/war-s…/the-trafalgar-collection/ when official artist to HMS Victory.

There is a version of ‘Trafalgar’ on Utube that really irritates me it’s so inaccurate, almost an insult to the men of both sides who served.

I was careful to view original documents and assess period paintings not just in Britain, in France and Spain too, visited many archives in Britain, France and Spain, even, just for the ‘ambience’, visited Cape Trafalgar with French colleagues.

I found in all three countries many experts very willing to help and some with astonishing views. For example, the curator, the gentleman in charge of the naval archive at the Naval base of San Sebastian (Cadiz) where we where very warmly, most hospitably received by the port Admiral, which I visited with French colleagues told me in all seriousness, ‘the British never admit the Spanish sank two British ships at Trafalgar’….

Certainly no evidence to support that and plenty to discredit it.

We were also told Nelson had a girlfriend in Cadiz so regularly, discreetly visited.

That romance might be true during a pre Trafalgar period but was not in my brief to follow up. Generally I’ve found facts usually more interesting, certainly more enlightening than the fictions that pose as facts.

In the case of Nelson and Trafalgar I found the truth as revealed by original logs, diaries, letters and charts more complex, more interesting and more to the credit of the men of all nations present than history likes to admit.

In short, the French and Spanish behaved honourably, those engaged fought very bravely, behaved gallantly in defeat but never stood a chance against a decidedly superior British fleet with more advanced technology.

The British were skillfully lead, they too fought bravely and behaved impeccably. I completely agree with you re revisionist history, it’s not just something the Muslims have invented, likewise, false news.

I worked briefly as a photojournalist so rapidly became aware we get the news editors and managers want us to have. I stopped taking newspaper reports seriously !

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Chupra, British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd

Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Preparing to paint the ‘C’ class ‘Chupra‘, for the son of her last commander.
We have found a number of references to ‘Chupra‘, this being one, she was one of the last British India Steam Navigation Company Limited ships.




a glass to ‘absent friends’.

Friday, May 26th, 2017

A beautiful birthday and evening yesterday, hot sunny weather and fortified by your messages.
Thank you all and every one.
For the evening I dined at the Sarah B, Roche-Bernard.

La Roche-Bernard 25.05.2017

La Roche-Bernard 25.05.2017

What a party that would have been if your could all have joined me! (more…)

Ppp pirates? for Maiden Rescue

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Pirates, gentlemen, gentlewomen, for Maiden Rescue, who is a gallant, who will refuse to help maidens & mermaids when they cry for our help?

Maiden Poster, please copy & share

Maiden Poster, please copy & share

Maiden Rescue.
If you like the attached, by all means share, copy, forward this poster.
Together, let us help make this event a sell out and huge success.
The more publicity for Maiden Rescue the better.
On behalf of The Friends of Arundel and Tracy Edwards, thank you.

Only two signed numbered copies of this historic painting remain in stock.

Discover more at “Ice Maiden” on my web site, enjoy.…/yachts-and-superyac…/ice-maiden/

“Ice Maiden”, the painting, copyright Gordon Frickers  2017:

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The setting is Botany Bay

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Web site page updated with new information including a ‘further reading’ link, visit, enjoy,…/mercha…/laperouse-at-botany-bay/

Laperouse entering Botany Bay

Laperouse entering Botany Bay

My Botany Bay is based among other things on the original chart made by Captain James Cook which I was privileged to have access to at the secured facility, Her Majesty’s United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, Taunton. (more…)

feeling ‘Racehorse’

Monday, May 15th, 2017
A ‘feel’ for the ship, a new taste for my palette.IMG_9950
A part complete sketch for discussion soon with naval author Peter Goodwin.    

HMS Racehorse, preparatory sketch

HMS Racehorse, preparatory sketch


How tight is your gammoning?

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017
Is your gamoning tight enough?

A new study for HMS ‘Racehorse‘, measures 42 x 59, (16.x 23) 

Racehorse sketch 09.05.17

Racehorse sketch 09.05.17, available, £125.

I have a quick ‘church’ to draw for Harwich (Bromley), for charity; “charity is fine, subscribe to mine…”
After which I will start ‘Chupra‘, a splendid 1944 built British India Steam navigation Company ‘C’ class cargo liner.


May Day 2017

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Quietly at home, alone, painting a extra special commission, can’t show you it yet, it will be a gift so for the time being is confidential, more when I can…

May day, the first roses in my garden and happy memories of May Day’s long gone; on Hayes Common with my Mother, watching the fete, people dancing round an ornate May Pole (very ancient tradition…) of Padstow May Day and the ‘Obby ‘Orse dancers… also an ancient tradition… IMG_9860
Wishing you a beautiful, scented, memorable day full of peace and contentment.