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Vines, Chateaux, Gaillac, Reception

The evening of the Gaillac (pronounced Guy’Ack) Reception was a beautiful, in their different way, these new original landscape paintings, for sheer presence, rival The Trafalgar Collection shown recently at the Army & Navy Club, St James,  exclusively to invited guests.

A slight advantage here at Gaillac, the exhibition is open to all until the 30 th December.

Gaillac Reception 02.12.2016
Gaillac Reception 02.12.2016


Monsieur Alain Soriano, a much respected author and historian, often adviser to the departments cultural and patrimone,  a  gave a considered, appropriate appreciation, astute comments about the original paintings and generously said they show the highest level of commitment.

He added, “a great artist, the Tarn is lucky to have him here“.

Speeches, Gaillac Reception 02.12.2016
Speeches, Gaillac Reception 02.12.2016
To my surprise M. Soriano mentioned my marine painting several times, I was not aware he had noticed them, he made it very clear,  informing our audience that while none were on show, marine painting is what I was best known for while predicting these new paintings will also become well known adding to the wider perception of Gaillac and Midi Pyrenees.
Of the new landscapes, each in turn was mentioned.
I did notice though, he referred more often to “Sunset Chateau Terride“, and most often to “Chateau de Saurs“.
Certainly, of “Chateau de Saurs” he asked me the most questions.


You can discover more about the new Gaillac collection and other landscapes from South West France, on the ‘sister’ web site http://artfrickers.com/, enjoy

Meantime, it seems your friend Gordon is now a celebrity in and of Gaillac…