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Up and running

Aujourd’hui j’ai terminé la mise en place de l’exposition à Gaillac.
La réception sera demain (vendredi) de 18h00 à 21h00.

80 Place Hautpool, Gaillac
80 Place Hautpool, Gaillac

A very rare moment in the life of this artist, up and running.

Today I completed setting up the exhibititon in Gaillac.
The reception will be tomorrow (Friday) 18.00 to 21.00

A few photos to help you find the Centre Cultural (Mediatec) 80, Place d’Hautpoul,

Place Hautpool, Gaillac ('Hautpool = upper hill in L'Occitaine, not unlike the Celtic Pol = hill)
Place Hautpool, Gaillac (‘Hautpool = upper hill in L’Occitaine, not unlike the Celtic, Pen or Pol = hill)

and a naughty sneek preview of the paintings, img_9190 img_9195

Not many painting, but the quality is all there

img_9188 img_9197

and a nice shot taken today in Gaillac… enjoy