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Change happens

Page updated: “Winds of Change”.

"Winds of Change"
“Winds of Change”

To think things don’t change is an illusion.

The illustration shows the Liverpool ‘crack’ packet boat “Dreadnought” over hauling the steamer “Sirius”.

The latter made the first powered only transatlantic crossing beating I K Brunel’s magnificent custom bult “Great western” into New york by 4 hours; page updated, origianal painting needs a good home. Global warming, predicted at least 30 years back by Plymouth Marine Laboratory. People laughed and poo pooed it; except a few seamen, a few farmers a very few others. Then they forecast 1 to 2 hundred years for significant change. No one told the climate about graphs. The pace is accelerating, the climate is liable to sudden change. Now the revised forecast is 25 to 100 years. 90 % of humans live near sea level and are unprepared. Brace yourselves it’s coming