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Frigate Hermione on TV

The frigate Hermione; my good friend Valérie Lambert very kindly wrote to me today “Watch Thalassa this Friday channel France 3 at 8:45 pm …featuring the Hermione”.
A little about Hermione follows below but first for our French friends

~ La frégate Hermione; mon bon ami Valérie Lambert très gentiment m’a écrit aujourd’hui “Voir Thalassa ce vendredi chaîne France 3 à 20h45 … avec l’Hermione”.
Je peignais une image “Hermione” tout récemment, que, suite à une visite remarquable à la cour de navire où la réplique a été construite. 

Hermione, frigate
Hermione, frigate

I painted a “Hermione” picture quite recently, that following a remarkable visit to the ship yard where the replica has been built.

The painting is available for exhibition an needs a home.

Hermione, detail
Hermione, detail

The building of Hermione took many years and employed expertise from all over Europe.
Part of the objective was to use the building to help revive life and fortunes of the town of Rochfort sur Mer.

In that respect the protect has been, continues to be, a major success.
Hermione is I’m told is wintering in her home port of Rochefort sur Mer.
Last summer ‘Hermione’ made a very high profile cruise to the United States.

Hermione, detail
Hermione, detail

In this coming year she is among other things scheduled to attend the Brest 2016 Marine Festival.

Meanwhile in my studio I’m focused on a merchant ship scene, “B I Sunday“, Mombasa 16 September 1951, it’s fun, enjoy.

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