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Pirates and acajoue

I still enjoy working on wooden boats. As you can see a little maintenance required in an awkward place to get at. Any boat builder worth his sea salt has a degree as a contortionist…WP IMG_3623

which is just as well because I noticed water had got under the varnish on the fore bulkhead port side.
Happily here in SW France this wood, mahogany (acajoue in French, I hope I have the right spelling… I found the word in a 16 th century book written by a Dutch Caribbean pirate) dries out very rapidly when compared to England. WP IMG_3619I have already been able to re seal the join with West epoxy and fibers, tomorrow I’ll re varnish with 2 part polyurethane.

As a marine artist, a boat is a natural tool for work.
My choice of boat has more to do with quality of life and emotions than good sense.
Logically I should sell her and might for a decent offer.

I’d replace her with a GRP boat, they thrive on neglect.
There is though a special pleasure in owning a rare wooden sail boat and bonus, this boat, a Wayfarer, handles beautifully on the water.

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