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How to paint a nude?

Is a nude ‘Portrait Art’? Your thoughts please…
I think the Irish pub in Gaillac should be off limit to young innocent lads like me.

Sometime ago my friend Charles, le Counte de Noblet d’Anglure and I had a couple of late evening beers in Gaillac’s Irish bar O’Sullivans.
I returned the other eve, needing to get out of my studio and especially away from my computer. I was thinking I’d sketch out a new painting while having a quiet beer.
No chance.

A beautiful, cute little blonde walked in with her friends.
After a few minutes our eyes met across the crowded bar, she gave me a huge smile.

It seemed discourteous not to return her smile; she walked over and ‘bisous’d’ me.

An interesting conversation followed during which it soon became very clear she was very pleased to see me, she was quite tactile.
It transpired she was the blonde Charles had told during our previous visit to that bar, should have her portrait painted nude by his ‘great, famous artist friend’ Gordon Frickers.
She soon reduced my resistance to minimal.
She insisted we exchange phone numbers.
She wants me to paint her as a nude before the end of this month and is quite happy to have the result shown on my blog and web site.
Clever girl, that could be good for us both.

Now I have to think up a clever way of making a sophisticated sexy nude painting of her, any suggestions mes amies?
As for Charles, “another fine mess you got me into”, so if I am lucky it is to have him as a friend.

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