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A bit

La Tourne, lunch by surprise
La Tourne, lunch by surprise

Questions from a new American friend via Facebook (www.facebook.com/gordonfrcikers) a glimpse of an artist and life in SW France, are you sitting comfortably? Enjoy.

Cards, I rarely touch cards, I’ve not been lucky with cards or ‘love’.
Board games, not for a while I used to enjoy many and loved to play chess.

At present I don’t even have a chess board.
I also enjoy many films, most outdoor activities in particular sailing and I read more than average,
Birthday, 25 th May. Favourite colour… for many years it was crimson which i associate with warmth and comfort, long velvet curtains lined and drawn which together with a real fire kept the cold Kentish winters of my childhood at bay.
It is also the colour of many a fine red wine…
As a painter I have learnt a lot about colour relationships.
These days I’d probably choose a blue.
I often mix a ‘warm sky blue’ mostly from Cobalt blue with a touch of magenta.

Favourite holiday, the next one!
There was a time when I looked forward to Christmas and to Passover.

In England we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

I also appreciate ‘The Days of Awe”, a time for serious reflection…
I respect most religious views radical Islam being a notable exception.

I recall a great man saying to me (and 26 others!), “God is like a mountain, there are many ways to the top”. I like that.
As do you I love to share quality food and drink on my table and that is one of the reasons I’m in France.

This region, Midi Pyrenees, is the most bio most fertile in France.

Food is 25 % cheaper than in England and generally better quality.

La Toure lunch
La Toure lunch

The French can’t match English ale, real beer or Cornish lamb, Aberdeen Angus beef or many other British products.

However they have their own glorious specialties and good wines can be bought for 2.50 to 6 Euros (2.86 to 6.86 $ US). Eating out in France need not be expensive, is very popular and there are some stunning venues.

I’m told the Germans have a saying, “God is smiling in his garden in SW France”.

I like that.

Vive la France!