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French Frigate off Cape Trafalgar

Not then (21 October 1805), yesterday. As I write the French frigate “Hermione” is sailing west of the Straits of Gibraltar. Meanwhile in my studio, with the oil colours dry I decided to make some changes to my painting of Hermione.

L'Hermione frégate de la honte
L’Hermione frégate de la honte

I was not completely satisfied with the way i’d expressed all the colours.

The painting looked fine when ‘wet’.

As is sometimes the case I felt once it was sufficiently dry some fine tuning would help, that last 1 % that makes a difference, “going the extra mile” for a ‘full on’ painting.

Adjustments made included, strengthening some of the yellow and blue tones on the hull, darkening some areas (not all) of the ‘black’ parts of the hull.

L'Hermione frégate de la libertie (detail)
L’Hermione frégate de la libertie (detail)

Aloft the fore’ard surfaces of the sails are now less yellow/sienna, more pinks and off whites.

L'Hermione frégate de la honte (detail 2)
L’Hermione frégate de la honte (detail 2)

In the sea the fore ground and middle ground, the latter to the right and center have had much of the bright green/yellow subdued with glazes made of veridian and white, the wave patterns simplified.

L'Hermione frégate de la honte (detail 3)
L’Hermione frégate de la honte (detail 3)

Some attention has been given to the bow wave and shadows around the Stem too.

Next the painting when dry will be returned to its frame then disappear into a storage case so if you want to see it you will need to ask in advance.

After that I’ll be looking for ways to find a suitable home for my ‘Hermione‘.

One option is the painting goes to Rochefort sur Mer were the ship (yes Hermione is  real ‘ship’ not a boat or any other sort of sea going vessel be it schooner, barkentine, sloop or oil tanker…);  no reasonable proposal will be refused.

You can see the original by appointment at my Laborie (Gaillac) studio.

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