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On passage today

I’ve been ‘harbour watch’ for these two fine ships at the request of my client so had the pleasure of this marine art for a little longer than is normal.

Bamora and Canberra” are on passage, au revoir, bon voyage, this marine painting went today by courier on it’s voyage to my client in England.

"Bamora and Canberra"
“Bamora and Canberra”

The distinguished journalist and author Iain Ballantyne (you can find him via Google) wrote to me this week actually about Captain Igor Kozyr & Russian submarines but that is another story.

Of ‘Bamora and Canberra’ Iain wrote ” Your painting looks spectacular and worthy of a slot on a museum art gallery”.
Iain Ballantyne has kindly allowed me to quote him on ‘our’ web site page, a nice endorsement which adds to the credibility of the Art of Gordon Frickers and can encourage other folk to commission, thank you Iain.
‘Likes’, ‘share’ and endorsements are always appreciated, my sincere thanks go to those generous souls who post them.
It also helps to have my work shown or linked from other web sites.

You can enjoy the story of the painting and discover a little about the ships and people on