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“”The Grand Plan””

I’ve been busy with aspects of what Michael Baker named “”The Grand Plan””. I’ve been mostly busy with bits that relate to the web site.  “”Grand Plan””? Six years ago Michael Baker and I decided we needed a to plan a way forward for The Art of Gordon Frickers and his web site/s. We quickly realised the artwork strategy would be global (via the Internet) and the potential value of products we have to offer is in excess of 6 million pounds retail price.

Some of the page texts are now sufficiently evolved in terms of text and graphic layout to be translated and posted in other languages. (whew)

I though I’d do that buy creating ‘inside’ pages linked via National flags, if you approve. I have people offering to translate at least the most important ‘selling’ texts into French, Spanish, German and Russian, maybe Dutch but our plan is to hit the BIG languages/markets.

Based on what I have seen on the Internet I strongly suspect we will find less completion among several of those languages so just might get some very 🙂 nice surprises. My best wishes to all in Auzz please, wishing you a Great time there and safe return.

There are many aspects covered by our strategy, unless and until we find investors progress is slow, we can only pick them off one by one.

We identified for example a glaring lack of certain office skills and procedures, no data base of press or clients to use for sending press releases and news letters, no efficient way to use social media.
It’s a chicken and egg situation, which comes first…?

Good news includes we are confident we are steadily approaching the day when investors will be asking us not vice vesa.