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Laperouse arriving at Botany Bay

Page updated following an inquiry from the Explores Club, New York City, . “Laperouse at Botany Bay“, Australia.
Still more work to do though.The image needs changing.
It shows the painting unfinished.
It was posted in haste being the last painting I completed before going to Brussels to create the exhibition at the European Parliament were I showed 35 pictures.

In French too?
I’d also like to have the text translated into French so I can make an accompanying page and then visitors can choose the language they prefer.
Getting translations made is a problem and can be expensive… any suggestions?
I’ll change the images soon and add a ‘further reading’ page outlining some of the more interesting points, the yarn about how I discovered the true appearance of the ships and how I found myself holding the original chart of Botany Bay made by Captain James Cook, an awesome moment.

Here is a copy of the completed painting


I’ll post again when the finished picture and some of the story  is in the web site meantime enjoy.

Laperouse at Botany Bay, Australia
Laperouse at Botany Bay, Australia

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